Thursday, July 26, 2007

Feathers, Pins, Orchids, Veils - Whatever will I choose?

During consultations, brides will often ask if they need to wear a veil. Truthfully, there is no wrong or right answer. It's how comfortable you feel. Today there are all sorts of alternatives. Add freshwater pearls pins, or one white orchid tucked behind your ear, or a satin ribbon, or a spray of white feathers. Do what makes you feel fabulous! And if you aren't sure? Have a hair consultation, then go to the boutiques and try tiara's, pins, and headbands. Take photos and choose the one you absolutely love!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wedluxe, a Vancouver Bridal Magazine

In this summer 2007 issue of Wedluxe, I have a bride featured on page 89. I had the pleasure of styling hair for the bride Cherie and her attendants. It looks like their wedding was a stunning affair! And what a gesture of love from Cherie - she gave David a sports car wrapped with a big white bow in the driveway of their Brock House venue. Now, there's a gift!

To Wash or not to Wash...

A question I am asked frequently regarding styling hair is "Should I wash my hair the night before?". For me, I would prefer it to be washed the morning of the wedding. I like to create soft, more carefree styles. Unwashed hair can sometimes be greasy, and can lay flat to the scalp. I like working with fresh hair that has bounce. And I know personally that if I didn't wash my hair daily, my scalp would feel so itchy! So in my opinion - wash away!

Delectable Treats for all your Wedding Guests

If you are a bride wondering what favor to give each quest, consider gourmet treats to leave at each plate, like "Carrot Cake Jam". I have tasted it and is it good! The jars can be labelled especially for you as well. Another fave - "Kiwi & Rum Jam" - mmmmmm.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Calling all Mature Brides!

Who, exactly falls into the category of a mature bride? Someone over 40, 50, 60? As a mature (ah, hm) woman myself, it can be a tricky category. Lime green eye shadow is not necessarily for us. So what applications and products bring out our best? If you have a question, email me, or check out my in-depth story at Favor Ideas, an on-line wedding site.