Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lengthy Locks - real, or not...?

You are a bride, planning your wedding. All is falling into place. Except your hair! It won't grow as fast as you'd like, or the hairstyle you absolutely love requires more length or volume than your hair.
So what do you do? It is true that backcombing, jels, and volumizers can add fullness. You can create the "illusion" of length. But maybe you'd like to take it one step more. Why not consider
extensions! And I am talking about the easy ones - the type you simple clip in. Natural hair extensions can be washed, and curled with a sizzling hot curling iron and integrated into your own hair with a few well placed snaps. The cost averages about $200 and comes in a pack of 7 separate extentions. With proper care, they can last forever, and can be used many times after the wedding.
A bride I worked with this August decided she wanted extensions. She is one of the true stunning beauties, but wanted more fullness and length in her bridal style.
The result - breathtaking. When I finished curling her hair, added the extensions, and integrated then together, we all stood back and said, "Wow"! If you would like more information, email me. Her images show the "before" with her own beautiful naturally curly locks, and the "after" with the added extension's.

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