Wednesday, April 15, 2009

As your makeup Artist...

It will be my job to enhance your features, bring out your very best, all the while maintaining your true self. As you hair stylist, it is my job to create a hairstyle that is long wearing, feels comfortable for 12 hours, compliments your face, personality, time of day, and and gown. Is all this doable? You bet, BUT you and I have to work hand in hand. I am not creating a Susan look, but your look. I like to ask every question I can think of that will allow me to understand your true bridal vision.
But, I do need your help! When you are planning this whole look, you have many things to consider. Are you currently on a skin care program? Is your skin in the best possible shape you can achieve? This takes work for most of us. If your skin is oily, and you complain about it regularly, notice your makeup wears off quickly, are prone to large pores or breakouts, just know that no makeup I have will change that!
You have to start thinking about skin care before you come to me. The makeup I use is all top notch, but it can only enhance your look. It can't change skin that is in poor condition. Sun damage, poor eating habits or lack of hydration will show. When skin is dry it cries out for moisture. Start using sunscreen daily and a good moisturizer formulated to your skin type. When skin is oily, it causes breakouts, or looks greasy, especially in photos. I can only work with what you present me. So take time now to get your skin in optimum condition!
And for hair, be realistic. I receive requests from brides for hair styles that are not achievable. Brides show me images of models with hair 12 inches longer that theirs, and want it to look like the image. With extensions, yes! If you know your hair need coloring do it before you come to me. If you have not had a trim in 6 months, do it now.
If any of you are questioning your current skin condition or need advise on hair, please ask me. I have been doing this for over 25 years, and can certainly provide some answers.
Our common goal - pictures for your wedding album that are breathtaking!

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