Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Makeup for Brides

What look should you consider for makeup? My best advise is to be true to who you are. If you are a minimalist with your daily makeup routine, you may not be comfortable with a full coverage foundation, or dramatic eye shadow. But if you do want more dramatic eyes, or dewy skin, you will have to apply a bit more that your routine application. You can look natural with foundations that are water based, and light in texture. Powder can be long wearing but light in texture to allow your skin to look dewy. Eye shadows can be earth tones, liner can light and smoky, and lashes can be individual clusters. If you do not wear lipstick, gloss is totally acceptable.

A key to the natural look, but with enough drama for the camera, is to blend colors and product well. Avoid anything with too much glitter, frost or shimmer. Bronzers provide a naturally sun kissed look.

On the flip side, if MAC is your favorite store, and you love all the newest shades of Viva Glam, and love long dramatic false lashes, then go for it on your wedding day. Be sure to choose water resistant or water proof products, ensure all is blended well with a equal mix of flat and shimmer products.

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