Sunday, July 4, 2010

Heather & Braden back from Dreams Riviera Cancun

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Heather and Braden are the "soon to be married" couple who won the trip to Dreams Riviera Cancun (just scroll down to see earlier entry).

"Our trip was amazing!
We loved the resort. The staff we so hard working and generous. The hotel was beautiful and the food was delicious!!! The transfers from the airport to the resort were great. American Express met us right away and whisked us away to our van.
We really enjoyed our time by the pool and the beach was very nice. The sand was so fine and the water was so warm, much warmer than in Maui. There was a lot of sea grass that washed up on shore, but nothing that would prevent us from swimming.All in all we were very impressed with the resort. We weren't disappointed in anything.
The resort is nice and small which I think will be perfect for the wedding in December.
Braden and I would like to thank both you and Liz for giving us this opportunity to go on this trip. It really has allowed us to relax a little when it comes to wedding planning. The resort is so beautiful that I don't need to over do it with planning.
Thank you thank you, Heather and Braden"

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