Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Makeup Lesson with dramatic changes

Working with women and teaching makeup skills is very rewarding. You have maybe been in a rut with your daily makeup routine, or have decided that now is the time to start wearing makeup daily. But not an overwhelming application - just something to liven things up, and maybe present a more polished version of your self.
I recently worked with a great woman, Virginia, who wanted to brush up on her techniques and know what kinds of products to invest in. She emailed me as soon as she got home;
" Thanks so much for my lesson today. I feel like a new woman! I went and bought some of the makeup you suggested. I also bought the face primer. Sephora was out of the Bare Minerals, but they are expecting a shipment on Wednesday, so I’ll pick that up then. I’ve had rave reviews from co-workers and friends on the makeup. Larry, my husband was also very impressed, and that says a lot! "
We also agreed that a new hair style was in order, so she got a hair cut later that week.

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